Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pink Glam?

Pink Glam?  What does that mean anyway?  Well, I can remember as a little girl being obsessed with the color pink because it seemed to represent everything "girly".  I mean, really....think about it.  When you go to a baby shower, if the mother is having a girl,  pink fills the room.  If the mother's  having a boy, there's no pink in sight.  Seriously...some men feel uncomfortable wearing pink for this very reason.  Pink glam means everything girly and glamorous.  Well, that's me-- girly and glam!  Ever since I can remember, I've always been obsessed with beauty.  Whether it was makeup, skin care, nail color, hair, you name it.  If it made me feel beautiful, I loved it!

This blog is dedicated to everyone like me.  It's dedicated to all divas who love to look good and cringe at the thought of not having access to beauty essentials.  Most importantly, it's for the diva on a budget who still wants to look fly without having to result to Ramen Noodles until next pay day.  Hey Divas!  I'm Sharia Nicole.  Nice to meet ya and welcome to the Pink Glam Cafe!


  1. I love the name and the intro! It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Glam :-)

  2. Hi Sharia, thanks for inviting me to join your blog! I have already feel in love with your topics. I am too a girly girl and a pink lover, so anything that associates with pink, I live for it!!!! I enjoy looking Glamtabulous and I do it all on a strict budget, depending on the need! I think you have the right idea in mind by labeling your blog spot as Pink Glam, remember even if its not pink, but girly and fun it can still be glamorous! Keep it coming!